Lancaster County Assessor

A lawyer’s commentary on cultural property legislation, antiquities trafficking, art and cultural heritage crimes, legal issues in museum administration, and museum risk management. The forfeiture grievance, nevertheless, recites broader information than what is captioned within the court docket case’s title or within the complaint’s declare for reduction, describing the sale of at the very least 1,500 cuneiform tablets, 500 cuneiform bricks, 3,000 clay bullae, 13 additional-massive cuneiform tablets and 500 stone cylinder seals.

Now that the MoU has been renewed for an additional five years, cultural property lawyers and importers must take notice, protecting in thoughts the 1972 regulation that is nonetheless relevant to Peruvian artifacts, the Importation of Pre-Columbian Monumental or Architectural Sculpture or Murals Act.

So the ACCG supplied various evidence within the form of skilled testimony from Douglas Mudd, a numismatic knowledgeable and curator of the American Numismatic Association museum, and from Michael McCullough, a noted artwork and cultural property attorney primarily based in New York.

At this juncture, the only money quantities related to the court case or to any donations made by Interest Lobby to its supported museum-The Museum of the Bible-are found in the prosecutors’ forfeiture grievance and in the the Kind 990’s filed by the museum.

James Edward Maule’s more than occasional commentary on tax law, legal schooling, the First Amendment, faith, and legislation usually, with sporadic makes an attempt to connect all of this to genealogy, theology, music, model trains, and chocolate chip cookies.

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