Toronto Real Property Board

The large rumor this week is that Disney’s Animal Kingdom will get an Indiana Jones land. In recent days, he has acquired reminders — including from South Korea , Iran and Venezuela — that geopolitics operates with a distinct set of rules than real estate or political campaigns.

This is not a log line (which I think you intended it to be.) You do not need a log line in a question, and should you did, a good log line is less about description (a young Fulani maid) and extra about motion.

On July 27, Germany’s Federal Court docket of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof – BGH) referred a new copyright case to the Court of Justice of the European Union: I ZR 228/15 – Reformistischer Aufbruch – see the report brought by IPKat Eleonora Rosati.

On the heels of two prestigious awards in 1999, the interactive cyber complement to REALTOR® Journal won the Society of Nationwide Association Publications’ 2000 Silver Award for Digital Publications/Web Websites within the editorial content material and design excellence categories.

Straight on patent lane, IPWatchdog talks about The Prices of Patenting in Africa: A Tale of Three Mental Property Systems The publish illustrates the differences and affinities of the three coexisting patent systems of the continent (ARIPO, OAPI and South Africa) and how a lot it prices in follow to keep up patent rights.

Allisane’s folks misplaced their fire magic generations in the past, a secret they’ve kept from the winged males of Voluce.

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